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Svelata Vision

Our Past

Svelata originated as a monumental series of oil paintings on canvas by award winning American artist Mia Tavonatti. Thousands of people from thirty countries experienced this exhibition, unveiled for the first time at the 1600 year old Arsenale Museum in Amalfi, Italy. Svelata was shown again at the 500 year old Palazzo Cesi, the former historic Lincean Academy for Alchemy in Acquasparta, Italy where Galileo Galilee studied.

After a year and a half in Italy, Mia has returned to California, and her vision for Svelata has grown into a multi-layered, multi-media foundation dedicated to the creative expansion of humanity.

Our Present

The Power of Words Project is a humanitarian mural project, and the current creative initiative being produced by the Svelata Foundation. Established artists work together with students and community members with the goal of engaging and uplifting communities while creating murals and a tapestry of conversation throughout the entire creative process.

These mural projects, and the lives of those involved in them, are being brought to the world with a series of documentaries, and videos as part of Svelata’s multi-media effort to deconstruct the myth of “artist as magician”.  The cameras expose the choices, opposition, risks, sacrifices, loves and losses of these artists and reveal what it takes to create. By unveiling the creative processes of artists and our projects to the public, Svelata intends to break down the barriers between artist and non-artist and eliminate the blocks that discredit and dissolve the dreams of so many potential creators.

Our Future

Svelata Tours and the Power of Words Project will travel the world…becoming tools for universal evolution through beauty, creativity and education.

The first Svelata American Tour is a traveling art experience in custom tensile structures designed by the artist.  These extraordinary fabric and aluminum nomadic spaces will be installed in cities across America and internationally. The main exhibition space houses a one-of-a-kind multi-media experience inspired by Mia’s collection of twenty-two original oil paintings on canvas, while two additional structures house a youth exhibition space, a retail sales area with the trademark Svelata product line, and the Creation Station, a dynamic video zone featuring Svelata documentaries, independent video submissions, and interactive computers.

“Inside the exhibition, one is submerged in the grace and tranquility of a forest of suspended paintings that emerge slowly from and recede back into the shadows… breathing to the story and music they alone could have inspired…all with the magic of choreographed LED lighting and an original soundtrack.”

In addition to using the beauty of fine art as a vehicle for transformation, Svelata invites the interaction of each community through a series of assignments given to local university art, film, design and music majors, where students will compete for various aspects of the exhibition. They will work with Academy award winning designers, Grammy winning music producers, internationally renowned artists and distinguished educators, as they push their boundaries to new levels and collect invaluable experience that will be seen by millions.