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Svelata Foundation

Svelata[sve-là-ta]  unveiled, revealed.

Mia Tavonatti, the founder of the Svelata Foundation, is using art and the transformative power of beauty to unveil the creative potential of humanity! With Svelata, a 501(c)(3) organization, she is determined to bridge the gap between non-artist and artist by educating society about the true nature of creativity, and by reinventing the way artists work. By exposing the creative processes of as many artists as possible, Mia hopes to demystify the “artist as magician” and make creativity accessible to everyone.

Mia hopes to demystify the 'artist as magician' & make creativity accessible to everyone.

Svelata sponsors artists who create work powerful and positive enough to inspire and transform…giving artists forums to exhibit their creations and build recognition with the creative initiatives we produce. It is our mission to give freedom back to the artist and create innovative environments where their gifts are nurtured and celebrated.

Our artists pay their good fortune forward by becoming mentors to the students and emerging artists involved in our projects. They become the keepers of creative sparks, and provide examples for the youth in our programs to aspire to, while helping them maintain a constant connection to their dreams, and being a resource for their creative maturation. Upon graduation, these students may apply for our scholarships, and as recipients, are expected to pass it forward by recycling their good fortune back into the community with creative service.

In addition to our sponsorships, mentoring and scholarships, Svelata plans to build and improve art facilities in high schools, effectively raising the self-image and respect for “art class” beyond just being the “easy “A”! And like Mia has been doing for years, Svelata educates teachers and students about the immense opportunities in the creative fields with classroom conversations and presentations.