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Svelata Painting Series

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Svelata [sve-la’-ta]

Verb: Italian
Remove a veil or covering. Reveal.

Throughout my life, only one thing has remained constant, my conversation with the Divine. This dialog has written itself into my work since I picked up my first crayon.  Over the years, my spirit has been developed, explored and revealed through my content and my craft.  It is here that I reach for the Ideal…where I seek perfection and marry above with below, male with female, light with shadow…here where I adventure beyond the veil to discover the beauty that lies beyond the illusion.  Material and spirit dance and romance in my work, fall in love, divide and depart, build up and tear down and forge the alchemical fires that enable and create a fertile ground where transformation occurs and a greater, higher love is discovered.  The soul, once lost but now found, is liberated after lying dormant for years beneath the surface of emotional waters too deep to tread.  Through the reunion of body and spirit, the veil is transformed from cocoon, shield and armor to wings, the vehicle for flight, empowered by the flow of running waters that pull me back to my Self…


Svelata Series